About me


Welcome to cook and contemplate. My name is Evie Cook (do you get the name thing now? ;-)) and I am a student dietitian. My aim is to act as your food and wellbeing advisor in all things yummy! I will be posting easy and quick recipes along with posts on what the stuff on food labels actually means, how you can interpret this and use it to live a sustainable but indulgent lifestyle. I will be posting a translation of all the stuff that I am learning on my course – and a bit more – so it will all be evidence based and truthful to research out there at the moment.


My food philosophy

First things first: I love food – probably more that the average Jeff. This love of food includes anything from avocado to salted caramel brownies. ‘WHAT! A trainee dietitian that eats chocolate!!’ – yes, I absolutely love it. My food philosophy is somewhat boring and cliche but is something that I absolutely live by – everything in moderation. This will be explained more in future posts but this little, frequently used phrase is the basis for all you need to get you through life happy and free.

Please don’t think that I will be including hard-to-do recipes including things like quinoa, bulgar wheat and some odd and expensive protein grain that you can only source from a dodgy online natural website. All recipes will be quick, easy and convenient – because, lets be real, anything that takes over half an hour to cook is just WAY too stressful. I am also a student, so a lot of the recipes I will make will be tailored to the ‘student lifestyle’.

My hobbies and interests

I (attempt to) run track, specifically 400m and 800m, so some of my posts will be how to adapt a diet to those who have fitness-specific needs. I will also be trying to post some fitness tips, tricks and ideas for those will terribly busy schedules, or for those on the cheap and don’t have gym membership.

I flipping love music. I am originally from Sheffield (yes a Yorkshire lass please don’t judge) therefore I pretty much play Arctic Monkeys ON REPEAT whenever I have access to a music player. Aside from that, funk and soul, grime, indie, rap, jazz and pop also tickle my fancy depending on what mood I am in – so I will leave links to Spotify playlists if anyone needs any music inspo.

I read quite a lot… mainly to get me to sleep at night. This admittedly up until the age of 17 was teenage fiction (Twilight, Divergent, Hunger Games etc etc) which arguably do contain adult sociological themes and storylines – is what I said to myself to make it okay haha. BUT since moving to university I have started to read books like 1984, American Assassin and The Girl On the Train – all of which I would strongly recommend.

So yeah now you know a bit more about me and cook and contemplate!


written by a student dietitian

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